Where is my Home? Where do I belong?

I am having a major identity crisis since the past 3 years, may be its normal post marriage or a part of growing. So once I decided to sit down, had few glasses of wine and decided to stress my brain with this silly question, Where is my Home? Where do I belong? What happened next is this…


  • Home is anywhere if I can see the ocean, the sound of waves crashing and me listening to it. Observing rocks near the shore- the strong currents intending to uproot the rock, but the rocks, such Stalwarts. Gazing at the violent ocean wondering how it can be a reflection of someone’s inner chaos. This imperfect scene is my home.



  • Someone rightly said-“Going, Not knowing where, and bringing not knowing what, the path is long & the way Unknown.” Every Journey is my home. Even the one where I am sleeping in back seat of a car and watching the sky go behind. Getting lost in those unknown paths, following the streams, seeing how this same place looks in the night. Experiencing every walk with nature is my home.



  • Staring at the full moon with no light around, and me standing behind is my home.




  • Silently staring at the water fall- watching its flow, hearing its roar, creating your own music with it, immersing yourself in nature is my abode.




  • The pure joy of being in a new place, when the blue sky seems different, the air seems scented, the clouds appear unique is my home!



  • Implosive silence!! Rumi said – “When the soul lies down on that soft sand, the world is too full to talk about”. Leonora Carrington quoted – “Experiencing dawn, the hour of tranquility, when nothing breathes. Everything is transfixed, only the light moves” is where I belong.




  • The magic of twilight and the morning showers is where I belong.



  • The Mumbai Rains & the beauty all around- the fog, the cool breezes , the mountains , the wet path, the swaying trees , the blooming flower, the droplets on the leaves , little puddles , fresh streams, sound of waterfalls, hot chai , short hugs and long warmth thru it …dreamy me is where my home is !



  • Chatting with the locals, the contentment and innocence on their face and the realizations that you don’t need too many things to be happy in life is where I belong.




  • Sitting under a huge tree late in d night, deep in the forest, trekking to the top, alongside a forest fire, on a new moon day (amavasya) watching fireflies, silently observing the beauty and just hearing things around. That’s my home.



  • Experiencing the temples, the art that was lost, the craftsmanship that was lost, the kingdom that vanished, over Centuries Rivers and lakes are flowing in some ancient towns, once upon a time the richest of the civilization, the best of the art and culture flourished here at these magnificent ruins. This is my home.



  • Just away from everything when you walk on that sand humming your favorite song, waves giving you the beat, what you see next are Little creatures crawling out of their sand holes to see who the visitor is, experiencing all this you forget when a happy tear has rolled Out, you are so happy from within, thankful for the life you have got! That’s my home and here I Belong!



  • Sailing on a peaceful river, with dense forest on either side, tree trunks popping out of the river and birds having a morning fly (walk) around. With all this in the back ground green mountain peaks covered with fog. All seemingly just out of a painting, not a sight you see often..!!! Its fun getting lost in the surroundings many times it helps in finding yourself!!! That’s my home.



  • Home is sitting with bunch of like minded souls along this silently flowing river. Moonlit!! Peaceful!! And filled with Purity! That’s my home and here I Belong!



  • There are times when you have woken up and not thought about the next train, the next bus you are going to catch, things you are going to say to your boss, things you are going to do at work. But have planned to view the perfect sunset, soaked in the morning sun, breathed fresh carefree morning air, sat on a swing and just inhaled deeply and exhaled fully contended, stared at a dancing paddy field, wondered at the life on this side of your world. This is my abode! And here I Belong!



  • Watching the locals and their lifestyle, the hustle bustle as you pass them, it’s amazing to know even this happens, that’s my home!



  • Inhaling the golden sunset colors is where I belong and that’s my home!



  • When you stand below tall man made structures as mere spectators and sky behind becomes the curtain to it. These very moments you realize thank god I am alive and this is where my home is.



  • Walking towards the light, walking towards the hope, walking towards your beliefs, realizing life is all about a colorful kaleidoscope is where I belong.


  • The feeling of being under zillions of stars and observing the sky shift is out of the world, It’s a fascinating fact that you and your problem is extremely tiny in front of this vast universe. This is my abode! And here I Belong!



  • Layers of mountain, shades of greens, tiny little houses sitting on top of these, those carefree winds, which no one judges is where I belong.



  • Camping through a super cold calm starry night, waking up to see crystal clear lake and the Eye candy Sun in the morning is a visual treat and is my home.



  • Leaving small pieces of my soul in the deep portions of valleys, clear blue sky and colorful fluttering flags is where I belong.



  • Brilliantly crafted clouds and the feeling of hoping on each one is my home.



  • Beach moment: There is huge amount of peace in just gazing at the massive sea, sometimes all you need is this!! No one around, No friends, just this!! This is where I belong when universe gulps you all alone!



  • The vastness calls you. The vastness scares you. The vastness surprises you when surrounded by mountains, and that’s my home!



  • Surrounded by mountains and lush green farms, the sky everyday showed its charm, silence and peace new place possess, how I wish every morning would b like this magical I confess. That’s my home and here I Belong!









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