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Heritage Tour – Ahmedabad

Purely, Completely , Exclusively , Solely , Wholly a design trip , Thank God i could do this!  Day 1: Sarkhez Roza: Sarkhej Roza is a mosque and tomb complex located in Ahmedabad in Gujarat state, India. The complex is known as “Ahmedabad’s Acropolis”, Because of architect Le Corbusier’s famous comparison of this mosque’s design to the Acropolis of Athens. In its architecture, Sarkhej Roza is a mix of… Read more →

The White Desert : Rann of Kutch

Quick Facts About ‘Rann‘ of Gujarat, India : I was tempted to plan a visit just immediately when I came to know about ‘Rann’ (meaning salt marsh in Kutchi language) through one of my friend. The initial research prompted me and my husband to book the holiday 4 months in advance. Persistent geological boost closed off the connection with the Arabian sea, once… Read more →

Hi….that’s me Gauri !!

An avid traveler by choice, an interior designer by profession and a photographer by heart, I am a lover of art & history of my magnificent country. My love for travelling & photography makes me visit such places. I love exploring new places.This fact fascinates me that life exists on the other side of my world too. Life is beautiful,… Read more →